HIMI Art Education Summit


From March 28th to 30th, HIMI held the Children's Art Education Summit and Teacher Training Conference in Hangzhou, with the theme of CC (Change & Creative). 500 teachers and principals from various art education institutions across the country gathered here and try to make a difference in Chinese children's art education under new challenges.


At this summit, we invited 3 excellent institution founders who has been working diligently in the industry for many years, and 9 representatives of the new generation of art educators to share ideas and suggestions for children's art education. Meanwhile, the founder of HIMI, Mr. Yang, also gave a speech about how art makes life more beautiful. The content shared by the speakers covered the entire art education industry, and participants from different fields could gain an understanding of the current industry development. We gathered here aiming to making the art education industry vibrant and full of vitality every year.


This event was divided into three days. The first day was the industry summit, and the other two days were nine master classes set up at the QuanShanShi Art Center, covering topics such as brand development, campus development, research-based learning, new categories, and course products. Each teacher spent two days elaborating the part of the industry they are best at. This is not only a series of courses but also a communication and mutual assistance gathering. We firmly believe that all communication and interaction can better promote the development and progress of the industry.


At the end of event, Director Wang of QuanShanShi Art Center also expressed encouragement and support for the cause of children's art education. HIMI's founder, Mr. Yang, summarized the summit and teacher training. The spring breeze is gentle, and the spring days are bustling. Every art educator, like the messenger of spring, carries a significant mission. And HIMI is willing to work side by side with everyone in the Chinese children's art education industry, and we look forward to meeting you all again at the next event.

Post time: May-06-2023

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