HIMI aspires to bring better products to everyone with its commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. On July 28th, we held the HIMI Marker Pen's new product launch event at the Hangzhou Golf Cloud Equestrian Club China, witnessing the debut of the HIMI new marker pen with more than 100 guests in attendance!

For this event, we chose a special venue - the equestrian club, where the graceful and agile horses, along with the seamless cooperation of the equestrian performers, made us feel the freedom and agility, just like our creativity and passion without bounds.

The birth of HIMI Marker Pen also went through continuous testing and refinement, from the exterior design, ink flow, to color control. A great product can only withstand the test of time if every detail is well taken care of.


HIMI's origin also inherits the spirit of MIYA's craftsmanship and is filled with creativity and artistic atmosphere. HIMI is a brand that hopes to make life more beautiful and artistic through our products.

"Treat products as one would treat artworks."

Post time: 2023-08-08 14:26:58