2024 MIYA Art Education Industry Development Summit

The 2024 MIYA Art Education Industry Development Summit under the theme of "Crossover" was held successfully from March 26th to March 28th in Jingdezhen Taoxichuan. MIYA, a renowned international art supply brand with a social mission, not only focuses on quality product but also on the overall development and opportunities within the art industry. 

Last spring, MIYA hosted the first Art Education Industry Summit in Hangzhou. This year, with the strong support of Jingdezhen Taoxichuan, MIYA and Taoxichuan jointly organized this Crossover summit. Under the theme of "Crossover," over 800 artists and teachers from art education institutions at Jingdezhen Taoxichuan to collectively discuss and exchange ideas.

The summit featured 8 top-notch experts in interdisciplinary fields, sharing insights into exploring new directions in art and integrating innovative approaches in art education.

18 seasoned professionals in the industry conducted three roundtable forums, delving into the hottest topics in art education today, aiming to provide attendees with valuable experiences and reflections.

In the current era of industry collaboration and resource sharing, we aspire to bring a fresh perspective to the art education industry through a summit that encompasses academic, commercial, and artistic realms, offering new modes of thinking and unlocking more possibilities for its development. 

We hope that artists have new prospects for our art education industry. Looking forward to a better meeting next time in 2025!

Post time: 2024-04-10 10:33:31